Facilitating Responsible Casino Gaming


The Casino Gaming Act 2010 Part iv, Section 13 (1) provides that a person shall not operate a casino, except in accordance with the provisions of the Act, any regulations made thereunder and a casino gaming licence. The Commission is the body authorized with the issuing of casino gaming licences to entities wishing to operate as a casino gaming facility and persons wishing to work in the casino gaming industry as shown below:

  • Casino Operator Gaming Licence. Part iv,Section 14 (1) of the Act provides that: Every approved developer who, or a company nominated by the developer that, is desirous of operating a casino in an integrated resort development shall apply in the prescribed form and manner to the Commission for a casino gaming licence or temporary casino gaming licence.
  • Employee Licence. No person shall be employed in a specified office in a casino unless he is the holder of a personal licence 
  • Casino Equipment Vendor Licence.
  • Casino Equipment Employee Licence.