Facilitating Responsible Casino Gaming

Casino Operator Gaming Licence

The Casino Gaming Commission has the sole authority to grant a casino gaming licence, in accordance with the provisions of the Casino Gaming Act 2010, to an applicant where it is satisfied that the following conditions are met:

  • The applicant and his associates are fit and proper persons to be associated with the management or operation of the casino.
  • The applicant and his associates are of a sound and stable financial background.
  • The applicant and his associates have arranged a satisfactory ownership structure.
  • The applicant and his associates are able to obtain the funding and staffing necessary to operate and ensure the financial viability of a casino.
  • The applicant provides proof that he is a company duly incorporated under the laws of Jamaica.
  • The application form is accompanied by the required documentation and the non- refundable application fee. Where all requirements have been satisfactorily met the applicant shall be issued a licence upon payment of the prescribed initial licence fee. The licence shall remain valid for an indefinite period. Click here to go to the application fee

Lapse of licence

A licence shall lapse where:

  • The applicant/operator fails to pay the initial licencing fee within 30 days of the grant of licence
  • The applicant/operator fails to commence operations within the time specified in the licence
  • The applicant/operator suspends operations for more than ninety (90) days other than by reason of force majeure or a suspension order from the Commission.