Facilitating Responsible Casino Gaming

Employee Licence

Persons who wish to be employed in a specified office within a casino are required to apply to the Commission on the prescribed form accompanied by the prescribed non- refundable application fee. Please see Part V page 25 of the Act, personal licence for employment in Casino.

The fee shall be used to determine, by investigation, the fit and proper status of the applicant. The Commission may to grant a personal licence where:

  • The applicant makes truthful representations of material information.
  • Is over the age of eighteen (18), is not an undischarged bankrupt, has not been convicted of a specified offence.
  • In the Commission’s opinion the applicant is a fit and proper person.

Where all requirements have been satisfactorily met the applicant shall be issued a licence upon payment of the prescribed annual licence fee. The licence shall remain in force for a twelve month period, the renewal date being the anniversary date of the issuing of the licence. The Commission reserves the right to review any licence issued if subsequent information leads it to believe that the licence may have been wrongfully issued.

A personal licence may not be transferred, however, a personal licence may lapse where:

  • the initial fee is not paid within 30 days of the grant of a license
  • any subsequent annual fee is not paid on or before the anniversary date of the grant of license
  • the personal license holder dies.